Tyler Hay, pianst

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano and pursue a career in music? Initially, my Granddad John was my big musical influence. He was a classically trained cocktail pianist and played to a very high standard. He began teaching me when I was 6 years old and around that time he introduced…

Nada Kolundžija, pianist

In our profession it is important to have the courage, but also willingness to take risks

Luca Buratto, pianist

your audience always deserves the best treatment possible, and that’s why l think that sincerity is the most important quality of an artist

Gediminas Gelgotas, composer

There is always a phase where I only collect and write down ideas and visions. I progress with the constant flow of musical material and the process of developing that material is usually different each time. I almost never compose on the computer and prefer the traditional pen and paper and sometimes with the piano. There this strange comfort in being near one.

Bukolika Piano Trio

Bukolika Piano Trio is Anna Szałucka (piano), Roma Tic (violin), and Joanna Gutowska (cello) Who or what inspired you to play together in a piano trio? All three of us have always been very keen to play chamber music. Roma and Joanna know each other back from Poland, Anna and Roma met in London. Long…