Jeremy Holland-Smith, composer

work ever so hard, be kind-hearted and humble but have the confidence to have your sound, your voice and your identity

Damian Marhulets, composer

Be true and make music you enjoy yourself. Sometimes it’s harder to achieve than one may think, but it’s definitely worth it.

John Metcalfe & Simon Richmond, composers

Composers John Metcalfe (Factory Classical, Morrissey, The Pretenders, Catatonia, Blur, Peter Gabriel etc) and Simon Richmond (Virgin Records, REM, Pulp, David McAlmont etc) have taken inspiration from Dorset’s ancient stone circles to create ‘Set in Stone’, a double album that offers a primitive experience marrying the modern and the classical, the ancient and the technological. The work was premiered in December 2016….

Joanna Lee, composer

Working with particular musicians means you can compose tailor-made pieces specifically to them – one hopes this will lead to a piece that is of greater enjoyment and fulfilment for them but also, is a greater success overall

Richard Causton, composer

Hearing one’s own music in concert is an incomparably powerful experience, simply because it’s the fulfilment of usually years of drafting, writing, developing, crafting, honing and revising ideas.

Andrew Gregory, pianist & composer

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano and pursue a career in music? I started piano lessons when I was 8. My mother, who had trained as a classical singer but wasn’t able to pursue it professionally, encouraged me – and I even started with the same piano teacher my mother had…