Luis Tinoco, composer

self-criticism, nonconformity, the will to dare and to be curious, this last one including a true curiosity (and also respect) for other musicians’ work.

Rokas Valuntonis, pianist

I think success for a musician is finding a way to evoke emotions in your listeners. If you’re able to connect with yourself and your audience, in my opinion, you’re a successful artist.

Alistair Hinton, composer

listen to as much music of all kinds that you can, figure out from your own instincts and from that listening experience where you want to go next and never be afraid of hard work towards the end of finding your own way, whatever the cost.

Chen Reiss, soprano

Who or what inspired you to take up singing, and pursue a career in music? I would say my mother did, who is a soprano herself. I grew up listening to opera and to classical music, I played the piano from a young age and danced classical ballet. I used every opportunity to sing in…

Cori Belle, pianist

Do the hard stuff first! Work hard to study music theory and history and form and analysis because when you master these things you truly have freedom in your art. I think many young people try to take shortcuts, wanting to get quickly to the music without the discipline of focused study