Lisette Oropesa, soprano

I’ve always been a singer, as my whole family is full of musicians of different types. I knew music was my journey but wasn’t sure how exactly to focus it; I wanted to be a singer/songwriter for a while, then a flutist, and now I’m really glad that I began to pursue a career in opera.

Jenni Pinnock, composer

I have been improvising and composing as long as I’ve been making music. I knew from very early on that I’d like to make music my career but didn’t know how feasible it was. Meanwhile, I found music appeared in my head and loved writing it down.

Gwendolyn Masin, violinist

Who or what inspired you to take up the violin, and pursue a career in music? My family and surroundings were and are the inspiration. Watching my grandmother play piano, I sat down in front of the instrument and began to learn from the age of three. The violin was a birthday gift when I…

Albion Quartet, string quartet

The holy grail is to feel that intangible energy and concentration from the audience as a response to the music. As musicians we aspire to feel that the music is passing through us unimpeded and undiluted.

Federico Albanese, composer

Be consistent and modest, and don’t worry much about what other people say. Follow your ideas with consistency. And most importantly do what makes you feel good!

Fred Thomas, multi-instrumentalist & composer/arranger/producer

I think it would be good if musicians realised how revealing it is to play music. You can see people so clearly. That has implications. I would say that generosity is the musical quality I most value: doing what’s right for the music or trying to make someone else sound amazing. If you can do that whilst also being very individual then that’s amazing. But how those two intersect is obviously very hard.