James Gilchrist, tenor

… treat every performance as equally important. It’s so easy to say the “big gigs” are the big ones. Of course they are. But the little ones matter just as much. Even more, perhaps

Sophie Webber, cellist

Working towards fulfilling one’s potential as a musician is a lifetime undertaking, one that requires much patience, determination, and wonder! Don’t forget to smell the roses!

Olivier Latry, organist

In fact, playing music, and especially organ, means trying to connect people to another dimension.

Jean Rondeau, harpsichordist

I am “influenced” by many things, artists, musicians, people, and also elements of nature. And maybe I can say that I have been influenced by all these people and things teaching me something. In this way, we can be influenced by everything surrounding us. We can learn from anything.

Di Xiao, pianist

I always try to do things differently rather than always playing standard repertoire. alone Last season I mixed Chinese traditional and folk with western classical music. This season I’m celebrate the works of women composers and featuring the female muses who brought inspiration to others.

Cornelius Meister, conductor

Who or what inspired you to take up conducting and pursue a career in music? Somehow I always knew that I wanted to conduct. As a small child I used to conduct to our record player and loved doing it. Who or what are the most significant influences on your musical life? Well, I had…