Carl Topilow, conductor

Each orchestral musician needs to be aware of his or her role within each phrase – are you playing the melody, countermelody, harmony, rhythmic pulse – and the relative importance of each. Note lengths, articulation, phrase direction – listening to your fellow orchestra members and fitting your part appropriately.

Damian Iorio, conductor

Who or what inspired you to take up conducting and pursue a career in music? I come from a family of professional musicians – I am the 3rd generation! My initial education and career was as a violinist, and during my higher education in Manchester I thought it would be interesting to learn to conduct…

John Holland, composer, arranger & conductor

Tonal, with a hint of, ‘what just happened?’ I like raising eyebrows, but also tapping feet. Rhythm is key, and the interplay between musicians trying to keep up with it

Nick Strimple – composer, conductor, scholar

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? I was inspired by my fourth grade music teacher Bernice Parrott. I was very fortunate because, where I grew up, the [US] public schools had very good music programs. I thought Mrs. Parrott was just terrific. I especially remember two lessons, one of which…