Lara Poe, composer

As a composer, success is writing a piece that I’m pleased with. The form makes sense, things fit together in a satisfying way, and the piece feels solid and cohesive, as well as being pleasant to listen to (or at least I find it pleasant to listen to). Other things that invoke a sense of satisfaction include challenging myself in some way and then fulfilling the challenge in the way I was intending to, or not quite fulfilling it but discovering something else along the way.

David Gómez, pianist and composer

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? My mother played the accordion and she has always been my inspiration: it was because of her passion for music that I started studying piano. Who or what were the most significant influences on your musical life? Several professors: Marta Christel, Claudie Desmeules, Emilio…

Passepartout Duo, piano & percussion

It’s so easy to forget, through all the stress of conservatoires, competitions, and touring that being an artist is the ultimate privilege. We’re getting to do something very special that very few people get to do.

Julian Broadhurst, composer

Percussion is something special to me, tuned and untuned. Some drums are so extensive in their possibilities of sound graduation, pitch and timbre – that I said it was like having an orchestra beneath your fingers

Andrew James Johnson, composer & pianist

Who or what inspired you to take up composing, and pursue a career in music? Although I started playing the piano from around seven years old I didn’t actually have my first piano lesson until I was fourteen. Prior to starting lessons I spent many years learning on my own. It was completely second nature…

Marcus Paus, composer

I am a lyrical writer at heart, but I enjoy virtuosity. My eclectic background lets itself be heard most prominently in more energetic passages. I like economy, and clarity of form and content, and I strive to make my material distinct, in order to give my music an internal sense of memory.