Toni Castells, composer

Founded by the late MP, the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness published in 2017 that in the UK alone, more than 9 million people often or always feel lonely. Bringing to the surface what is often referred to as “the silent disease”, it spelled out clearly that across society, huge numbers of individuals were struggling…

Rebecca Rowe, composer

It feels as though, from the earliest I can remember, music has not just been a part of my life, it IS my life and I am fortunate to have never had to sit and decide what career I would take; I was always going to be a musician. It’s as though it’s part of your DNA; as important to you as breathing

Laura Schwendinger, composer

Who or what inspired you to take up composing, and pursue a career in music? Hearing the San Fransisco Symphony play the Rite of Spring when I was young. My father would also wake us up with loud classical music on weekends and I loved it. From there flute lessons at 7, composing by 10….

Laura Farré Rozada, pianist

I think it is extremely important to think about why you want to become a professional musician and what could be your contribution. In other words, to be creative, to question general assumptions in your field and to find your own voice. And above all, to be patient, proactive, persistent and determined to work hard.

Richie Wang, composer

Never stop thinking, never stop writing, always fight, always be imaginative, always fearless, always believe in dreams, believe in miracles.