Christina McMaster, pianist

As well as musical influences, everyday life and occurrences influence me. What I bring to the stage is not only my performance and understanding of the music, but my personality, experience and perceptions. The work I do is affected by everything I encounter and perceive. So I go to lots of concerts and meet lots of different people, and generally feel open to new possibilities.

Kerry Andrew, composer, performer and writer

Say yes to most things, until you’re in a position to say no, and then recommend others for those things instead. Collaborate widely. Be hugely proactive. Put on your own gigs, start your own hubs/websites/record labels. Connect people and celebrate the success of others. Throw all the things you’re interested in into your work and don’t worry about trying to fit in a box.

Alice Sara Ott, pianist

My parents took me a to piano recital when I was three because they couldn’t find a babysitter that night. I don’t remember the pieces the pianist played but I was fascinated by the power of music that made the audience quiet for nearly two hours. I thought that if I learned this “language” people would also listen to what I want to say

Jennifer Johnston, mezzo-soprano

Who or what inspired you to take up singing, and make it your career? I’ve always sung, since I was a little girl, and I’ve always loved music. So singing as a job seemed like a natural step. However, I didn’t follow a logical route, as I first became a Barrister, after reading Law at…

Stacey Watton, double bassist

Who or what inspired you to take up double bass and pursue a career in music? I put my hand up for everything but the only thing left by the time I was chosen was the double bass – then I saw it and thought “cool, I like big toys!” Who or what were the most important influences…

Kelly Lovelady, conductor

I’m interested in the longform possibilities of the concert experience: bold programming which reaches across individual movements to an essence which exceeds the sum of its parts. The great symphonic programmers for me right now are Rattle, Jurowski, Volkov.