Matilda Lloyd, trumpeter

I feel that I have been successful in a concert if I have genuinely moved the audience by the end. Whether that’s bringing happiness and making people smile through playing fun virtuosic works such as Arban’s Carnival of Venice, or causing people to feel emotional through performing works like Deborah Pritchard’s Seven Halts on the Somme, which was written to commemorate the centenary of the First World War

Ieva Dubova, pianist

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano and pursue a career in music? My grandmother is a pianist and piano professor and growing up with her as a child there was always Piano played at home. I really loved it, to me it seemed magical and so amazing. In the same time…

Isabel Villagar, singer

Who or what inspired you to take up singing, and pursue a career in music? I used to sing since I was little and the school music teacher encouraged my mother to study music. I sang everything that went through my ears. I was very happy singing and from an early age I knew that…

Camille Thomas, cellist

Who or what inspired you to take up the cello, and pursue a career in music? When I was four, I told my mum I’d like to play an instrument. She played records for me so I could listen and choose. The shock of the grave, deep sound of the cello is my very first…

Francesca Dego, violinist

I think the most amazing thing in this business is getting to surround yourself with the people you know will enrich you and make you a better musician so this is what I strive for when I plan collaborations and projects. I’ve never coveted a career for it’s own sake but as a means to achieve the best musical result possible. My dream is to always be able to work with orchestras and colleagues who inspire me and make it possible to create something special on stage.