Di Xiao, pianist

I always try to do things differently rather than always playing standard repertoire. alone Last season I mixed Chinese traditional and folk with western classical music. This season I’m celebrate the works of women composers and featuring the female muses who brought inspiration to others.

Haley Myles, pianist

Everything is connected. Work on your inner world and this will reflect in your music.

Yulia Chaplina, pianist

An authentic artist must have an interpretation they truly believe in, and that is what makes music such a unique and special art form.

Lilit Grigoryan, pianist

I don’t think there is one definition of success. There is a path to being a musician – being passionate about the music, the instrument, the composers and their works. I think every musician has his or her own way of expressing this passion

Sarah Cahill, pianist

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano, and pursue a career in music? When I was eight years old, I started taking lessons from a teacher named Sharon Mann, who was (and is) charismatic and beautiful and brilliant, and she taught me Bach fugues and Beethoven sonatas, and as a shy child, I adored…

Rhonda Rizzo, pianist

Success is getting the ego out of the way so the music can communicate clearly and simply.