Yerkesh Shakeyev, composer

My music is not classified as “classical” or “pop” music but a hybrid of both. It has the accessibility, logic and shortness of pop music, and the philosophy, emotion and depth of the classical genre.

Kerry Andrew, composer, performer and writer

Say yes to most things, until you’re in a position to say no, and then recommend others for those things instead. Collaborate widely. Be hugely proactive. Put on your own gigs, start your own hubs/websites/record labels. Connect people and celebrate the success of others. Throw all the things you’re interested in into your work and don’t worry about trying to fit in a box.

Juliana Hall, composer

Make music with musicians you admire, respect, and enjoy being around. Life is short; spend it with good and supportive people who inspire you to greater heights.

Lara Poe, composer

As a composer, success is writing a piece that I’m pleased with. The form makes sense, things fit together in a satisfying way, and the piece feels solid and cohesive, as well as being pleasant to listen to (or at least I find it pleasant to listen to). Other things that invoke a sense of satisfaction include challenging myself in some way and then fulfilling the challenge in the way I was intending to, or not quite fulfilling it but discovering something else along the way.

Gediminas Gelgotas, composer

There is always a phase where I only collect and write down ideas and visions. I progress with the constant flow of musical material and the process of developing that material is usually different each time. I almost never compose on the computer and prefer the traditional pen and paper and sometimes with the piano. There this strange comfort in being near one.