Konstantin Lifschitz, pianist

Love music and let yourself be intoxicated by art.

Christina McMaster, pianist

As well as musical influences, everyday life and occurrences influence me. What I bring to the stage is not only my performance and understanding of the music, but my personality, experience and perceptions. The work I do is affected by everything I encounter and perceive. So I go to lots of concerts and meet lots of different people, and generally feel open to new possibilities.

Laura Farré Rozada, pianist

I think it is extremely important to think about why you want to become a professional musician and what could be your contribution. In other words, to be creative, to question general assumptions in your field and to find your own voice. And above all, to be patient, proactive, persistent and determined to work hard.

Dominique Merlet, pianist

Who or what inspired you to take up the piano and pursue a career in music? My three great professors : Roger-Ducasse, Nadia Boulanger, Louis Hiltbrand Who or what have been the most important influences on your musical life and career? The testimony of two giants: Egon Petri’s and Heinrich Neuhaus’s recordings . What have…