Ilker Arcayürek, tenor

Who or what inspired you to take up singing and pursue a career in music? I was happy to sing in choir until a tenor colleague told me I should take voice lessons. He inspired me with lots of recordings from the golden age of opera and introduced me to my vocal teacher with whom…

Lisette Oropesa, soprano

I’ve always been a singer, as my whole family is full of musicians of different types. I knew music was my journey but wasn’t sure how exactly to focus it; I wanted to be a singer/songwriter for a while, then a flutist, and now I’m really glad that I began to pursue a career in opera.

Gerald Finley, baritone

Keep loving what you do, and remember that very few people are doing what we do. Be curious about everything, because what love and life you experience will become part of your music making.

Natalya Romaniw, soprano

Believe in yourself and have integrity in what you do. I think the most honest artists tend to be the more successful ones and they’re also the ones who are most likely to be gainfully employed.

Gareth Brynmor John, baritone

Music should always be about something, be for something, be because of something. We spend years honing instrumental or vocal technique, and it is right that that is the primary focus of teaching, but what’s the point if we don’t try and use it to say something. People need the space at a young age to find what their artistic voice might be.

Anna Cavaliero, soprano

Don’t be afraid to explore other things……All our life experience feeds into what we do and how we can create and convey music with true feeling