Judith Owen, singer-songwriter

The greatest pleasure comes from being a living breathing artist. From playing live, connecting with and making an audience laugh and cry. It’s what I always wanted… to connect. I remember my father telling me that if I my job was the thing I loved most in life, I’d be the luckiest person alive….

Ian Shaw, singer

inspire, upset, amuse, collaborate, define, create, comfort, be playful, disciplined – and leave an audience feeling something – anything, they may not have felt before

Isabel Villagar, singer

Who or what inspired you to take up singing, and pursue a career in music? I used to sing since I was little and the school music teacher encouraged my mother to study music. I sang everything that went through my ears. I was very happy singing and from an early age I knew that…

Verity Wingate, soprano

When you’re starting out as a young singer it can quite often feel like your voice is calling the shots

Ilker Arcayürek, tenor

Who or what inspired you to take up singing and pursue a career in music? I was happy to sing in choir until a tenor colleague told me I should take voice lessons. He inspired me with lots of recordings from the golden age of opera and introduced me to my vocal teacher with whom…

Lisette Oropesa, soprano

I’ve always been a singer, as my whole family is full of musicians of different types. I knew music was my journey but wasn’t sure how exactly to focus it; I wanted to be a singer/songwriter for a while, then a flutist, and now I’m really glad that I began to pursue a career in opera.