Elena dtm Lorenzi, singer

I love the energy that a singer transmits, the depth of the interpretation and the truth of what is told through music.

Ella Taylor, non-binary soprano

Never be afraid to experiment and deviate from the norm!

Carly Paoli, mezzo-soprano

I feel ‘successful’ when an audience shows me that I have transported them to a different world, that I have moved them, that they have enjoyed my performances and that I have paid tribute to the composer and lyricists intentions.

Marlis Petersen, soprano

Who or what inspired you to take up singing and pursue a career in music? The real vocation to become a singer happened when I joined the church choir in our little town in the South of Germany. The music I encountered was so beautiful and pure that I felt drawn to it and to…

Judith Owen, singer-songwriter

The greatest pleasure comes from being a living breathing artist. From playing live, connecting with and making an audience laugh and cry. It’s what I always wanted… to connect. I remember my father telling me that if I my job was the thing I loved most in life, I’d be the luckiest person alive….

Ian Shaw, singer

inspire, upset, amuse, collaborate, define, create, comfort, be playful, disciplined – and leave an audience feeling something – anything, they may not have felt before