Mark Bowden, composer

Each piece comes with its own challenges, but these are not frustrations. It is exhilarating to start a new piece and think about how to build its sonic world. I’ve been lucky enough to have huge variety in my work

Christian Clemens Poetzsch, composer-pianist-producer

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? At the age of 10, after 4 years of practising classical etudes on the piano, I started to improvise and write down little tunes for the first time. It was so fascinating for me to build these little musical worlds – I knew instantly…

Mel Mercier, composer

Who or what inspired you to take up composing, and pursue a career in music? My father Peadar Mercier played the Irish percussion instruments, the bodhrán (drum) and the rhythm bones, and I learned to play from him when I was a young boy. He was a member of the Irish traditional music group The…

Wim Henderickx, composer

I start from inspiration around a certain idea or sound performance, which I intuitively try to understand and write down. I let my ideas flow, often at the piano. Then I search for certain systems, rhythmic or melodic motifs, harmonies etc. that are present in this inspiration

Martin Gaughan, composer

the thing perhaps that links my compositional language is a sense of expressiveness, I feel a great need to express how I feel and think, as I am sure do all composers. I can’t, for example, work solely with serial techniques

Paul K, composer and producer

I think the greatest challenge is still trying to come up with something that is different or unique so that you find your place in the musical ecosystem and can then write, produce and develop the sound to your individual strengths.