Toby Hughes, double bassist

My greatest challenge is ongoing: showing everyone that the double bass can be a soloistic instrument and can hold its own in the musical world.

Bustafunk, composer and producer

Do it with passion, and trust and listen to yourself. Be sensitive to the trends but do not be overwhelmed by them – continuing making your own sound and style, and remember that practicing over and over again can only make you better.

Gabriel Schwabe, cellist

Developing as a musician is a constant struggle with one’s own weaknesses and limitations. The process of chiseling away at these to enable your own personal sound and musical ideas to come through is incredibly satisfying to me. Every day there are small battles to be won!

Gavin Roberts, pianist

I love devising programmes for festivals such as the St Marylebone Festival where we theme everything along cultural history and our local community

Ilker Arcayürek, tenor

Who or what inspired you to take up singing and pursue a career in music? I was happy to sing in choir until a tenor colleague told me I should take voice lessons. He inspired me with lots of recordings from the golden age of opera and introduced me to my vocal teacher with whom…