Jonathan Radford, saxophonist

never expect opportunities to just turn up out of the blue, be proactive about creating and finding new work. Be pleasant to be around, assume fully all projects you commit to and always strive to be better. Stay determined, there are always high and low points, believe in yourself and you capabilities. Don’t underestimate the need for rest, set aside time for yourself.

Nobuaki Fukukawa, French Horn player

The interesting and funny thing about classical music is that musical success doesn’t always equate to commercial success… But specifically regarding success as a musician, I think it would be “to be able to play whichever piece I like whenever I like”.

Sergio Puccini, guitarist

Who or what inspired you to take up the guitar and pursue a career in music? Well, I started studying guitar at the age of 8.  My first approach was through popular music and after some years playing in a rock band, I started to study the classical guitar technique (at 14), My then teacher…

Stephen Waarts, violinist

Sometimes the music that I love the most comes the least easily to me, but it’s hard to know if the difficulty is actually to the benefit of the eventual interpretation or just difficulty. However, as long as I feel I can communicate something special through a piece to the audience, I’m happy to keep exploring.

Jonathan Ferrucci, pianist

Every time I play a piece for the first time is special. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s the moment in which the potential of a piece is revealed.